May 17, 2009


Bonita Theatre in Toronto, 1933-1964

Unfortunately, I don't have a photo of how the Bonita looked between 1933 and 1964, but I took this photo a few years ago:


Bonita (now called Gerrard Cinema)
1035 Gerrard East, Toronto, Ontario
Opened 1933 and closed in 1964
Harry Lester owned the Bonita, which had 542 seats

clipping from:
"Scholarship and Sports Furthered by Exhibitor Toronto Ten medals are being offered by Harry Lester, owner of the Bonita Theatre in this city, to constitute awards to the ten highest ranking scholars in the five schools in the area adjacent to his theatre, to stimulate scholarship among the pupils. Lester also is tying into the social life of his community by sponsoring a senior Softball team and cooperating with other sport activities in the neighborhood schools. Needless to say, his popularity has made his theatre a mecca for a regular legion of youngsters in that section of the city."

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May 09, 2009


Star Trek - Pike's age

While seeing the new Star Trek movie reboot today, I was a little confused by the age difference between Kirk & Pike.

You see, in the 1966 Star Trek episode "The Menagerie" video footage shown at Spock's trial, Pike was played by Jeffrey Hunter, who was only five years older than William Shatner. In the new movie, however, Pike is played by Bruce Greenwood, an actor who is 24 years older than Chris Pine, who plays Kirk. So I thought that Greenwood's Pike was not the same Pike as Hunter's; I thought he was a new Pike Sr. character who could serve as a father figure to Kirk. But since The Menagerie footage was supposed to take place 13 years before Spock's trial, that would widen the age difference, making Greenwood's older "father figure" Pike compatible with the tv series.

But why Spock didn't look 13 years younger in the same trial footage still eludes me. Must be some Vulcan thing.

Jeffrey Hunter

Picture of Jeffrey Hunter at Listal

Star Trek

Picture of Bruce Greenwood at Listal


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