May 09, 2005


more IMAX bitterness's Homing Beacon #72 reported back on October 31, 2002:
"Episode II has undergone the revolutionary IMAX-DMR process."
If IMAX-DMR was so "revolutionary," then why did it end with Episode III?


Variety reviews

Tyler Cowen says of Variety,
"In my opinion they write the most reliable reviews available. Most of all, they do not conflate or blur together predictions of quality and predictions of commercial success. Variety, which is written for industry insiders, evaluates movies explicitly in both terms, and also for overseas box office."
I remember back in 1990 when Variety's reviewer predicted that Gremlins 2 would return Joe Dante and Michael Finnell to the "promised land" after their underperforming 1987 scifi adventure InnerSpace. Gremlins 2 went on to gross $107 million less than the original and no Gremlins 3 followed. Ever since then, I took their predictions with a grain of salt.

May 03, 2005




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